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A Matter of Time, and How to Find It

A Matter of Time, and How to Find It
March 7, 2022

“Time poor.” That’s a term we just learned. It seems we are busier than ever these days, despite the fact that technology was supposed to make our lives more productive with less time and energy spent. A study in 2008 (can you believe that was almost 12 years ago?!) revealed that American’s leisure time dropped a staggering 20% than the previous year. To compensate for lack of time, many of us prioritize the most important things, while many times forgetting things that can be put off till later. Unfortunately, our pet’s healthcare can be one of the things we tend to push to the back burner.

Anyone can be guilty of this when they are “time poor.” Have you ever got woken up by your dog’s nails tapping on your wood or tile floors? Of course, that’s something that can easily be remedied with a nail trim. But trims are quickly forgotten once the day starts—until the next rude awakening! One genuine pet lover shares their experience of forgetting to update their dog’s Bordetella vaccine, and tells us about the subsequent kennel cough that was contracted. Despite our administering quick treatment, the dog has had a lingering cough for three months, serving as a now constant reminder to them of the importance of staying current with vaccines. The bottom line: it can happen to the best and most experienced pet owners.

So, how can you keep your pet up-to-date on checkups, vaccines, heartworm prevention, and other medications? Here’s how Northeast Animal Hospital can help:

  1. You can request an appointment online, for those times you aren’t able to call us.
  2. We will be starting a new and improved curbside service soon, so that you can easily pick up food and medications without ever leaving your car.
  3. We even have our own online pharmacy, so that you can get what you need delivered straight to your home.

So, while we can’t invent more time, we can help you spend what spare time you have with the healthiest, happiest pet possible.

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