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111 2nd Ave NE, Suite 113
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 755-7387 | Pet Portal


1401 4th St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
(727) 382-8569 | Pet Portal

Our Practice

People say "two are better than one." We think so too! Northeast Animal Hospital is our main facility, equipped to provide not only routine care but also advanced diagnosticsurgical, and emergency services in a relaxed, fear-free environment. Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic is our “sister” practice that incorporates a fun vibe into routine veterinary care in the busy heart of St. Petersburg.

Both of our practices work diligently to improve our local outreach and to provide you with professional business services. This includes exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and some of the most competent veterinarians in the field.

Northeast Animal Hospital

Members of your human family can tell you how they feel—and where it hurts. Unfortunately, the animal members of your family are not as vocal. A passionate veterinarian can be the voice of a beloved pet that needs loving health care. That has been the role of Northeast Animal Hospital for over 45 years. We are guided by a simple principle and mission that you would naturally expect of your pet’s doctor:

To fulfill your needs and those of your pet by providing quality animal health care with a responsive and professional veterinary staff, emphasizing individual attention, and remembering to treat every pet as if they were our own.

That’s another way of saying, we are “Devoted to Pets and their people.”

Our devotion encompasses cats, dogs, birds, pocket pets, ferrets, and even reptiles. They are cared for by a distinguished family of doctors, nurses, and assistants—with members who are academically certified and honored for their strong commitment to pet health.

We provide preventive care, medical treatment, and emergency care. Our Old Northeast location is a natural expansion of the loving concern of pet owners in Northeast St. Petersburg and Pinellas County. Please take just a moment to read a few of the Northeast Animal Hospital reviews given by some happy clients!

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic

Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic was created with busy downtown St. Petersburg pet owners in mind. Compared to the more traditional animal hospitals, Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic is a unique concept in veterinary pet health care with a focus on outpatient veterinary services and a fun, anxiety-free atmosphere. We believe that pets are part of the family, and family deserves the very best care available.

We have a highly educated, trained, and accommodating veterinary staff. Our veterinarians and animal care attendants are committed to providing the best and most compassionate pet healthcare possible. Our enthusiastic vet and support staff are dedicated to improving the life of your pet.

Preventative veterinary medicine and dental care are a perfect combination to experience a happier, healthier, and longer life for your pets.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for your pet.
Northeast (727) 822-8501  |  Downtown (727) 755-7387