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Preventive Care for Dogs

Commit to a lifetime of health.

At Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic, we offer both routine wellness care and emergency care services for dogs. Our approach to canine veterinary medicine revolves around a comprehensive, competent, and compassionate care program aimed at ensuring the highest quality of life for your dog. Our veterinarians and staff place an emphasis on the importance of preventive care, adequate exercise, and proper nutrition for all phases of your dog’s life.

We value the long-term relationship we have with many of our clients. Good communication and trust allow us to provide the best care for your dog.

An Emphasis On Dog Nutrition

At Northeast Animal Hospital and Downtown St. Pete Vet Clinic, you will find that our veterinarians and staff place an emphasis on the importance of proper nutrition for all phases of your dog’s life. Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent, adult, or senior, each stage of your dog’s life comes with some special nutritional considerations.

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Dog exams

More Dog Health Services and Treatments

  • Intestinal Parasites: Various parasites can infect your dog's digestive tract and cause illness. We can help stop them.
  • Flea and Tick Prevention: We employ various safe and effective preventive or flea & tick treatment methods for your dog's health and comfort.
  • Heartworm Prevention: We can offer options to help your dog avoid heartworm infection.
  • Heartworm Disease: We specialize in heartworm education and diagnosis, as well as treatment for your dog.

Dog Surgery Options When Necessary

An important aspect of operating a dog hospital is being fully equipped and prepared to perform dog surgery for all kinds of situations. We realize that no one wants to think about their dog needing surgery.

However, if such an unfortunate situation arises, rest assured that Northeast Animal Hospital is well prepared to guide you and your dog through:

  • Pre-surgery protocols
  • Surgical procedures
  • Post-op pain management and nursing care
  • Aftercare and rehabilitation

To schedule your dog’s annual exam, call us or request a dog exam appointment online.
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